Dependable Damage Repair in the Greater Bay Area

Mickele Construction is a full service fire and water restoration company. Our mission has always been to assist property owners with the unfortunate issues that are the result of fire and water related Damages. Our ultimate goal is to help minimize our clients' time and energy during this difficult Situation. We will provide an " Free Independent " and thorough estimate representing your best interest of the damages to your property.

We have assembled an incredible team of dedicated professionals sharing a common goal, which is to Provide property owners with a single source of reliable reconstruction in order to fulfill all aspects of Our clients' needs. We are best known for the high efficiency of our operation, which is achieved by Utilizing our own in-house crews instead of out sourcing. Over the last 25 years, We have developed lasting relationships with several city building departments, clients, associates, and suppliers.

Your Insurance Company will advise you to use there Recommended vendor Contractor. By law You can select the contractor of your choice. Other common approaches are Public Adjusters that Charge 10% of your settlement this approach typically results in hostile relationships between parties and reduces the dollar amount of your settlement towards the actual repairs and slows the process of Restoring your home.

(California law Notice of right to cancel any contract within 3 days from the signing date)